Last winter was amazing because it barely happened. I'm not a big fan of extreme cold or heavy snow, so I loved El Niño for sparing us from both. However, according to NOAA, our friend, El Niño, is losing its strength, with a 60% likelihood of La Niña emerging this summer.

See how that change will influence the upcoming seasons in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin below.

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We had above-average temperatures last winter and hardly any snow, which meant less shoveling and fewer worries about tricky travel conditions. Now, forecasters are talking about La Niña and how it will influence our weather.

How La Niña Might Impact Weather This Year

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MarianVejcik GettyStock

La Niña happens when the sea surface is cooler-than-average in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean, near the equator. This phenomenon can have significant impacts on weather conditions around the world.

CNN says above-average temperatures are forecasted for most of the lower 48. Northern South Dakota, nearly all of North Dakota, and the extreme NW corner of Minnesota are the only areas in the country with an "equal chance of encountering near normal, above- or below-normal temperatures."


It's expected to be another summer with record heat, but what should we expect for next winter?

How La Niña Might Impact Winter in MN, IA, and WI

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If you missed out on snowmobiling or ice fishing last winter, La Niña might be just what you're hoping for. In the past, La Niña winters have typically brought colder and snowier-than-average weather to Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

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