Jerry Palm, of CBS Sports, joined Jeff Thurn on Wednesday's edition of Overtime.

Palm (@jppalmCBS) is a Bracketology and BCS expert for CBS Sports.

Palm discusses how much parity is in college basketball this year, as the NCAA Tournament nears:

"More than ever because this year you can't identify one, or two, or three teams that the champion is definitely coming from that group. Easily make the case for as many as a dozen teams that have some shot of winning a national championship and with a legitimate chance. I just think we are in for a wide open tournament."

Palm on the potential No. 1 seeds in the NCAA tournament:

"Yeah, I've got Wichita, of course they are done playing, and then they will be a one. Florida, I think will be a one no matter what they do in their conference tournament. Arizona, and Villanova. I think Arizona would have to take a bad loss to risk to not being a No. 1. Villanova losing at all might risk dropping off that line. You've got teams Wisconsin, Michigan, Syracuse, maybe even Cincinnati or Louisville chasing that top line."

Thurn asked Palm if it is surprising that Villanova is back in this position to make a run in March:

"Yeah, I think everyone thought Villanova would be better, but not this better. It's really been an incredible year for them, they've only lost to Syracuse and Creighton twice. Creighton seemed to really have their number because they destroyed them. Villanova tried playing them two different ways, and it didn't work. They are totally under the radar, nobody talks about them at all. That's a team that has had an outstanding season, and if it ended today, would certainly deserve a No. 1 seed."

Villanova is 28-3 overall, and 16-2 in the Big East. Key wins over Iowa, Kansas, Georgetown twice. Key losses against Syracuse and twice to Creighton.

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