Jim Clibanoff, director of scouting for the Denver Nuggets, joined Friday's edition of Overtime with Jeff Thurn. 

How do the Nuggets feel about drafting Gary Harris, Jusuf Nurkic, and Nikola Jokic last night?

"I mean, the way I look at it, we upgraded at a position where we needed help. We brought on two project bigs who are very young, one likely that will be on the roster next year or we hope so. The other will probably stay in Europe for the next couple of years. The NBA is a center starved league and we have two bigs who are skilled, really skilled, and after they work on their bodies, slim down, these could be two really good NBA pivots."

Clibanoff on the impact Harris can make next year as a rookie? 

"It's funny because when I think of comparisons for him, I actually have used the two guys who are above him on the depth chart in Randy Foye and Arron Afflalo. Guys who know the importance of defense, good bodies, not high-risers regularly playing above the rim, but smart, cerebral guys who can handle, initiate offense. Make plays and not be strictly a scorer or shooter. I think he is going to have a chance to learn from those guys, coupled with that background and pedigree he has. We just had some interviews with both of our first-rounders; I mean he's a real gentlemen. We learned of that, and can actually see it play out and this kid is going to really contribute to our culture quite a bit. He's not going to take possessions off on either end of the floor and as a young kid, he is going, you used the term, a chip on his shoulder, and has a former football player background. There's so much aside from his basketball talent that we are going to tap into and hopefully have a real keeper for years."

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