Minnesota Timberwolves head coach Tom Thibodeau wanted Jimmy Butler at practice, and he got way more than he bargained for.

The battle between Butler and the Timberwolves has been ongoing over the past few weeks with Butler demanding a trade out of Minnesota. Thibodeau wants to work it out with Butler, while the Timberwolves ownership has asked General Manager Scott Layden to get rid of him. Multiple trade offers have been declined.

Butler apparently showed up for Timberwolves training camp practice on Wednesday (October 10) and made everyone aware that he was there. The scene described sounds like something straight out of a movie. Butler apparently gave his thoughts about the roster, where he stands, and how the Timberwolves...well... "(bleeping) need him." We'll leave it to you to fill in the blank.

To Butler's credit, he helped lead the Timberwolves to their first playoff appearance in 13 years last season. He played in 59 games last season averaging 22 points per game.

Butler is adamant about getting out of Minnesota and he appears that he will take any step to make sure that his demand comes true. His issues with members of the team stem back to last season.

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