Rejoice, Iowa Hawkeye fans, for your knight in shining armor has arrived.

Last month, I wrote an article about how Colin Cowherd makes a living off of ripping apart Iowa Hawkeyes football and their nonconference scheduling habits. For the past two years, Cowherd has thrived on ridiculing Iowa.

But someone finally had enough.

Joel Klatt, a Fox Sports college football analyst, couldn't take Cowherd's directed attacks towards Iowa any longer.

Klatt's frustration didn't conjure itself up from the dust. It was Cowherd's praise for the San Francisco 49ers' 2017 draft that set Klatt off.

The 49ers took two Iowa standouts in the 2017 NFL Draft: quarterback C.J. Beathard and tight end George Kittle.

Klatt's tolerance ended when Cowherd repeatedly praised 49ers GM John Lynch and the work he did in the draft, including drafting the two Hawkeye stars.

You can see the exchange between the two gentlemen in the video below:

I don't think this means Cowherd will stop making fun of Iowa's nonconference schedule, but it's refreshing to see someone butt heads with Cowherd live on his show.

That being said, Cowherd does have a right to like a handful of Iowa football players and still criticize the Hawkeyes' nonconference schedule. It is possible to keep those two entities separate.

However, Cowherd often compares Iowa's nonconference schedule to top nationally-ranked teams around the country, something Iowa hasn't consistently been in awhile. So maybe Cowherd's standards for judging Iowa's schedule are too lofty.

Regardless of which side you stand on, we all can agree that Klatt and Cowherd provided entertaining radio and television, and that's all an audience can ask for from a host and his guest.

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