Judd Zulgad of ESPN 1500 joins Jeff Thurn on Monday’s edition of Overtime. 

Catch Zulgad’s (@1500ESPNZulgad) interview with Thurn below:

Despite the Minnesota Vikings loss to the Green Bay Packers at home, yesterday, Thurn asks Zulgad if he can take more positives than negatives? 

"Depends on what side of the football we are talking about. I think defensively, you can take a lot of positives, including the continued maturation of Xavier Rhodes. You know, Xavier Rhodes, more and more, we are not seeing quarterback throw at him. Aaron Rodgers went at him twice in the first quarter, passes to Jordy Nelson. What I liked was Rhodes was more and more being allowed to be physical with receivers. I think there's a respect building among officials for him that they don't automatically throw a flag. I thought their were positives to take from the defense.  The problem on offense and it continues to be the issue no matter where you look, there is no identity whatsoever and as I said on my show today, I think the realization with (Teddy) Bridgewater is we watch him try to develop seven starts in, is that for all people that want to get mad at Norv Turner for the game plan of check downs and running on third down, the reality is that when you have a young quarterback like thing, you don't really have a game plan. You basically try and tailor things what that quarterback can do you also tell that quarterback, hey, 'you go out there and complete passes.' But don't think for one second that Norv Turner sits there on Tuesday as he game plans for the Packers, says, 'ah let's just do check downs.' So this is why it's so painful when you go from Ponder and Bridgewater. I don't care if it's a first or third round quarterback. When you have an offensive like the Vikings have and a young quarterback like this, there's no real game plan. There is just trying to survive and so it's difficult to try and take a lot of positives from the offense. Defensively, I agree. You can look there and say the Vikings are building off of this."

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Photo via Sam Tastad/ESPN 99.1