Back in April, it was announced that Iowa's Field of Dreams would be getting an $80 million expansion project. When the project was announced it was met with interesting reviews, to say the least. There were a lot of Iowans who weren't happy with turning the beloved Dyersville baseball field, into an everyday sporting complex. Many Iowans on social media mention this expansion would take away some of the magic of what made the Field of Dreams special. Well, like it or not, the expansion project is underway.

To say it was met with only negative reviews wouldn't be fair. There were also plenty of people who were excited to see the Field of Dreams grow into something bigger that can be used more often and by a lot more people. Original plans include 9 baseball and softball fields as well as dormitories, a hotel, and a concert venue. Adding 9 fields to be used by youth softball and baseball players means hundreds of little leaguers will be at the site during baseball and softball season.

Frank Thomas, a former major league baseball player, was part of the group that purchased the Field of Dreams and he spoke about the excitement of seeing the fields being used for future tournaments. According to KCRG, he said

We can’t wait to have hundreds of youth softball and baseball teams playing in tournaments on our new fields and experience the magic of hitting home runs in the corn.

Frank Thomas is also the CEO of "Go the Distance Baseball" whose plans for the Field of Dreams expansion include adding 110 acres, to help give people who visit the park more to do, according to KCRG.

Dan Evans, the COO of Go Distance Baseball spoke about maintaining the original field of Dreams movie site. The purchasing group does realize the importance of the movie site and what makes it so special to Iowans. According to KCRG, he said

You’ll stand at home plate of the Field of Dreams movie site and you won’t be able to see the complex and vice versa. We feel that it’s a very special place. To tinker with that, just wouldn’t be right.

While many Iowans have expressed concern and even disdain for the future of the Field of Dreams site, I do think it's possible for both sides to come out happy in this situation. Allowing kids and families to be able to use the park on a regular basis, host tournaments, and host concerts, while still keeping the integrity of the original field, can be a good thing.

Yes, some might say the original magic of the field will be lost, this is nothing but a money grab, the Field of Dreams is turning into any regular sports complex, but the first time a parent gets to watch their son or daughter play in the middle of a corn field...that'll be a lifetime memory for both of them. Let's hope for the best.

Ready or not, Project Heaven is underway.


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