If you haven't heard yet, Marshawn Lynch showed up at Media Day in downtown Phoenix on Tuesday so he wouldn't be fined.

In a required session by league guidelines, Lynch sat at the podium and continued to repeat, "I'm just here so I wont get fined".

He essentially went from Beast Mode to Repeat Mode.

Lynch is no stranger to the NFL fining him for his unwillingness to speak to the media and last year at Media Day during Super Bowl week, he stood in the corner and didn't answer any questions.

As a member of the media, I get why Marshawn Lynch doesn't want to talk to the media, he doesn't trust us, but even so, he still has the responsibility to do so in my opinion.

On that same note though, I think it's idiotic for reporters and journalists to sit and listen to his silence or his ridiculous answers.

It's obvious that Lynch could give two rips about talking to the media or providing answers on a regular basis that have any sort of substance, so why continue to try.  Other than the fact, you the reporter want to see him punished, what does it accomplish.

For me, as mentioned, I think its dumb that he wont talk to the media, but it doesn't make me as mad as others, because it's not like when he does talk or if he did talk to the media that you would be getting something that is revolutionary.

I think Lynch is smart to an extent, but he does seem to have some personality issues that aren't worth my time.



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