There is a family-owned auto garage in Minnesota that has a great sense of humor. Well, it's actually 3 Signal Garage Auto Store locations in St. Paul.

One of the signboards out front of their Marshall Avenue location is getting some real buzz. The big yellow and black sign reads “We Now Have Pumpkin Spice Motor Oil”.

This time of year you can find tons of things mixed with Pumpkin, muffins, candles, Yogurt Dipped Pretzels, etc. But motor oil for your car? We had to find out.

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We called and chatted with a very friendly Ethan Derhy who along with his brother Avi Co-own three Signal Garage locations in St. Paul. Signal Garage is a fourth-generation owned shop that has been in the family since 1970.

We asked Ethan if we could indeed get any Pumpkin Spice Oil. He let us down easy. Nope. It was humor. It sure made us laugh! But truth be told, I would have bought some.

Ethan explained, “Our goal with our signboards ... you can use a sign like that for advertising but we've always felt that people could use a smile more than they could use another advertisement in their face.”

What a great attitude! Signal Garage has been putting smiles on folks' faces for a long time. Check out the pictures of some of the signboards that I'm sure made lots of people laugh out loud. We did!

Thanks for the smiles Signal Garage!

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