Even with 103 losses in 2016, the Minnesota Twins franchise continues to grow in value and revenue.

Forbes has released its 2017 baseball team values. The yearly valuation looks at all the MLB franchises and ranks them on their current market value. Minnesota's value grew 13% over the last year and the team is ranked 22nd overall.

The current value for the Twins stands at $1.025 billion and as a team they earned $249 million in revenue in 2016. Forbes also mentions that the average ticket price for Target Field is $33.

Minnesota is ranked ahead of teams such as Colorado, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and Cleveland. The Padres, Diamondbacks, and Orioles are ranked in front of the Twins.

As expected, the New York Yankees continue to be the most valuable franchise with a current value of about $3.7 billion. Tampa Bay is the least valuable franchise with a value of $825 Million.

The full list, along with a more in-depth breakdown, can be found through Forbes.

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