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The Philadelphia Eagles scored a unique victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with an unprecedented final scoreline.

This Monday night game was not just another win for the Eagles; it was a "scorigami," a term used to describe a final score that has never occurred before in NFL history. With this win, the game became the 1078th unique final score ever recorded in the storied history of the league.

Though the Eagles were in control for the majority of the game, especially during the final 9 minutes and 22 seconds, it was an unusual final score that grabbed headlines. Until Monday night, no NFL game had ever concluded with a 25-11 result.

The game had the potential to conclude with other scorigamis as well. Had Philadelphia scored another touchdown towards the end, the final tally could have been a yet-to-be-seen 31-11 or 32-11, assuming a successful extra point. However, the Eagles chose to maintain their unique lead, ensuring that the 25-11 score would carve its own niche in NFL history.

This wasn't the only scorigami of the week, making Week 3 of the NFL season particularly special. The Miami Dolphins also scored a unique 70-20 win against the Denver Broncos. However, the Eagles' triumph with the peculiar 25-11 score adds more hype to a game filled with excitement and plenty of drama.

As each season unfolds, securing a scorigami becomes more challenging, making this week's unique scores even more remarkable. This trend also intensifies the league's interest to casual fans, as people not only tune in to games to see who wins but also witness history for any potential unmatched final scores.

As a Saints fan, I'm just happy the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost—historic score or not.

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