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There's something new coming with the New Year! A new version of the world's favorite board game.

The Hasbro company has announced an up-and-active makeover for Monopoly. According to USA TODAY, the game will make its debut on January 1, 2024, exclusively through the Walmart chain of stores.

Insert your disappointment here! For South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa shoppers of course that means it will mean an After Christmas Gift.


Once again Hasbro is focusing on family fun. The new Monopoly Knockout opponents will compete in a token showdown taking turns sliding their tokens down the long gameboard (over 3 feet) and trying to land them on properties.

At the end of each round, they’ll collect—or pay—cash based on where their tokens ended up. So aim and slide carefully, landing tokens on the best properties and knocking other players' tokens into Jail or totally off the board.


Your entire clan can enjoy a game of Monopoly Knockout. Up to 8 players.


The gameboard will feature favorite Monopoly properties and familiar spaces, like Change, Go To Jail, Free Parking, Luxury Tax, and more.



So everyone can enjoy and afford the new Monopoly Knockout, Walmart will have it priced at $19.99.

5 Below is Now Open in Sioux Falls. Here's a Sneak Peek

Have you ever walked into a store and just wanted to yell, "Take all my money!" That's how I feel at 5 Below. It's stuff you probably don't need, but have to have.

5 Below has finally arrived in Sioux Falls! I think a lot of us have been waiting for this day. Before opening at 2420 S. Lorraine Place, next to Hobby Lobby, the closest store was in Sioux City.

Okay, I’ll admit that the majority of their clientele is probably in their tweens and teens, but it’s a store everyone will love because you can find super cute stuff for really cheap, and who doesn’t love a trendy bargain?

At 5 Below, most items are $5 or less, with some inventory priced a little higher in their Five Beyond shop. The items they carry are higher quality than products you’d find at a normal dollar store.

Whether your daughter wants a Squishmallow or you need a candy fix, you’ll find it at 5 Below. College kids decorate their dorm rooms with finds from 5 Below. Need a phone case or cord? The selection is huge. There are beauty products, books, arts and crafts stuff, toys, clothing, and my favorite section, CANDY!

Hours are 10:00 AM-9:00 PM Monday through Saturday and 10:00 AM-7:00PM Sunday. The new 5 Below has several self-checkouts and that speeds up the line.

The grand opening is Friday, November 3, 2023, but they’re open now!

Gallery Credit: Karla Brown / Townsquare Media

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