Dan Hawkins has been around the game of football forever.  Having coached College Football on all different levels, from NAIA to major D-1, he's seen a lot of ways that the game has evolved.

He now gets a chance to evolve as a coach once again in his newest gig as he has replaced Marc Trestman, the new Chicago Bears Coach, as Dan takes over in Montreal in the CFL.

This is Dan Hawkins first attempt to get back into coaching after being unceremoniously being ousted at the University of Colorado.

But being a great leader and even more so, a great coach, Dan should find himself in Montreal with the Alouettes and re-invent himself once again.

Take a listen as Dan Hawkins joined Jeff Thurn on Overtime to discuss those topics and more including Dan's take on Tim Tebow, as according to Dan, there was interest from Montreal to bring Tim Tebow up north if there were no suitors in the NFL.

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