Have you ever found something disgusting in a hotel room? It happens from time to time. Whether it's just a visually unappealing stain on a ceiling or carpet or used products that no one ever wants to find, gross stuff gets missed or left behind in hotels.

I was staying at a hotel in Ankeny, Iowa last weekend. The ratings were decent, and it was a cheap hotel, but I didn't realize what lay in store for me despite that.

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The hallways had never met a vacuum cleaner. There were crumbs, dirt, chips, and sand everywhere, which went nicely with the empty chip bags and other garbage.

My room wasn't that bad though, at first. The first night while watching "The First 48," I went to grab the charger for my laptop out of my backpack on the chair. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a dark stain on the ottoman. I looked closer and saw what looked like a bloodstain on it. I happened to be right about the same time the detectives on TV were mentioning the blood evidence they were looking at.

Upon further inspection, I don't think it was actually blood. It looked a little more purple-ish looking, I found a similar stain near the bathroom door and realized it was most likely just nail polish.

We heard from a number of people in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa who told us about the grossest things they encountered in their hotel rooms.

  • A poop smear on the bed skirt
  • I stayed in a hotel in San Diego when I was 17 and there were knife marks and blood on the mattress and sheets
  • Very gross bloody sheets and a used condom
  • Our hotel in Green Bay was a mess from check-in but when we got into our room there was toothpaste in the sink, lipstick on the bathroom counter and crumbs by the tv. The crumbs is whatever but the toothpaste really grossed me out.
  • I worked at a hotel (for only a few days). They were training me and had left me on my own the next day. I knew they didn't wash the top two blankets, but when I asked what to do when they were dirty (dirty as in someone had "fun" in bed and left a "mess") they told me to just keep them on. I didn't know how to quit a job and was so grossed out, that I wrote on a sticky note and never went back.
  • Hotel towels - when I asked if f they had bigger towels, they said there was a shortage because another hotel took their towels. What?!
  • Bed bugs and bloodstains. They reimbursed me but I never went back
  • A hotel was my first job and my first room was a dead man who had to have been lying there for the weekend. .. it was scary
  • In Indiana, the hotel we stayed at had squishy spots on the walls in the shower and visible mold on the ceiling. So basically painted over the moldy squishy wall…
  • People were throwing up all over the pool area
  • About 10 years ago my uncle was on the road building grain bins during hunting season and he found a deer leg in a drawer in his hotel room.

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