What happens when a Loon, Muskrat, and Turtle all decide to share the same raft? Cramped quarters, shared space, and a one-of-a-kind photo which is taking the internet by storm.

The lucky photographer, snapped the photo last week on a Minnesota lake.

This unlikely pairing has created a bit of a viral sensation out of the photographs, as they are being shared on numerous publications far and wide.

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Credit: Scott Rykken
Credit: Scott Rykken

In another photo, the loon appears to be resting its head on the raft, completely unfazed by the turtle on its back and two muskrats to its right.

The images were captured near Alexandria, Minnesota on Lake Miltona, which is around 600 acres. Loons are found quite often in and around this area due to the abundance of lakes and ponds.

Scott Rykker, a photographer from St. Paul has a cabin on the lake and was lucky enough to capture the animals' interaction last week.

So, what is the platform the wildlife are resting on and why was it in the middle of the lake? Well, loons typically like to lay their eggs on a spot like that, to avoid predators, so artificial nest rafts are created for them on many area lakes.

Check out his website, here to see more of Scott's remarkable photographs of wildlife and the wilderness in general.

Story Source: Scott Rykken Photography

Story Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

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