When I was a kid it was all about Joe Montana, John Elway, Troy Aikman, and Brett Favre as the best of the best in the National Football League.

As I have got older, even though the names have changed, one thing has stayed the same...

You must have a franchise QB to win consistently in the NFL and all of the guys who have made my list won their share of games over the last ten years.

Here are my favorite quarterbacks over the last ten years in the NFL.

My Favorite NFL QB's Over Last 10 Years

Only three of my favorite QB's have Super Bowl rings, but considering the future of guys like Cousins and Jackson, that may change sooner rather than later.

Brady is the GOAT and Wilson is the second-best QB currently in the NFL so they both had to make my list.

Chase Litton is a QB that many of you have never heard of but is a personal favorite and Tannehill is a great story.

Everybody has their own favorites and their own reasons, but I have certainly enjoyed watching these ten individuals play the QB position over the years.


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