Stress. 2020 has been full of it and we still have several months to go. But according to a new independent survey, Sioux Falls is one of the least stressed cities, so that's something.

Here's one of those surveys where being near the bottom of the list is better.

WalletHub, a personal finance website, ranked 182 American cities and placed Sioux Falls at number 180. For the record, only Boise, Idaho, and Lincoln, Nebraska ranked better.

Several different criteria were used by researchers including family stress due to divorce and child care costs, work stress due to job security and commuting time, financial stress due to income and cost of living, and health stress due to concerns about COVID-19 and safety stress due to crime.

Sioux Falls nearly had the best ranking in Family Stress at 181 out of 182 cities. The city ranked well in Health and Safety Stress at 171 and Financial Stress 148.

Around the midwest, Fargo came in at 179, Bismarck was 177 and Rapid City is at 152.

Which city is the most stressed according to the survey? Cleveland, Ohio.

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