According to reports, Glendale and New Orleans are going to be hosting more Super Bowls.

Glendale is scheduled to host in 2023 and New Orleans in 2024.

Hosting the Super Bowl isn't new to either of these communities, as Glendale will be hosting their third and New Orleans their 11th.

The NFL has a new policy of awarding Super Bowls and these were the only two cities that were invited to bid for the years of 2023 and 2024.

I personally like the new policy, because I think it alleviates the NFL from falling in love with a bid from a cold weather city that could potentially persuade them into putting a Super Bowl there.

I have been on record saying cities like New Orleans, Glendale, Miami and others should be on a revolving door of host sites while excluding the likes of Detroit, New York and others.

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