After a year of watching Roger Goodell conduct a virtual draft from his basement in his dad-sweaters, the NFL Draft will seem as normal as ever with the return of the Goodell hug.

Well, let's be honest, there will be a few other things that will happen as part of the NFL Draft that will make it feel the same as a pre-pandemic draft. The NFL has arrived in Cleveland and is preparing for next weekend's NFL Draft. That includes the setup of the massive stage.

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Many of the athletes that are expected to be drafted on Thursday (4/29) night will be attending the draft in person. When they get called, they'll have the opportunity to do something that last year's draftees didn't. They get to hug Goodell.

Yes, this is an actual story. ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that Goodell has been given the full "go" on hugging, hand-shaking, and high-fiving any of the athletes that get on the stage. Goodell is fully vaccinated from COVID-19.

Welcome back to normal! The NFL has been embracing the idea of getting back to normal by expecting full stadiums by the start of the season this September. The league is also intending on having training camps open to the public.

The 2021 NFL Draft takes place on April 29-May 1. Coverage of all three days can be listened to on ESPN 99.1.

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