The news world of the NFL never comes to an end. Here are a few notes heading around the league today.

ESPN Gets a Playoff Game
It was announced early this morning that ESPN has been granted a Wild Card playoff game starting this upcoming season. The move will give ESPN their first NFL playoff game.

I like the move to put a game on ESPN. A lot will probably be made about how they are taking a playoff game away from standard broadcast networks, but the NFL has made the decision as they had the option to move one to the network. The NFL finds ESPN profitable and thus determined to move a game on to the network.

NBC, in another deal, has been granted a NFL Divisional Playoff game each year as a part of their new deal.

NFL Schedule Release....When?
For those that breathe NFL, they were anticipating a schedule release today. As reported by Pro Football Talk last week, the 2014 NFL Schedule was set to be released today. Pro Football Talk has now reported that the schedule release could actually be Wednesday or Thursday now. PFT attributes the NFL potentially delaying the schedule due to the NBA and NHL Playoffs.

While they might be trying to get around the NBA and NHL, I'm believing more that the NFL schedule will just have a few more quirks to it this season that they are still trying to figure out. With each team having different dates available, requests for specific dates home/away, and different city events occurring at the same time, it's not always easy to piece together the schedule. It's also hard to imagine the NFL being scared of the NBA and NHL Playoffs.

Then again, it's a schedule for events that will happen in 4-5 months. It's nothing too crazy to get worked up for.

Vikings Offering Incentives to Work Out
$1.69 million dollars to go workout? I think I'll head to the gym right now to claim my part.

According to Ben Goessling of ESPN, the Minnesota Vikings are offering veterans a total of around $1.69 million to attend the voluntary veterans workout program next week. Players have incentives built into their contracts that extend from $250,000 for Adrian Peterson to $10,000 for Josh Robinson.

With a new coach in Mike Zimmer bringing a different attitude and system to the Vikings, the move to include incentives for veterans to attend camp can help the team move forward. Vikings players who decide to attend, will be a little bit richer for doing so. Overall, a good move on both sides.

Richard Sherman and Seahawks Getting Closer to a Deal
We all remember Richard Sherman's WWE style promo last post-season, and now the best corner in the game is looking to become the highest paid cornerback in the league.

CBS Sports Jason La Canfora is reporting that the Seattle Seahawks and Richard Sherman are nearing the completion of a deal to make Sherman the highest paid corner in the league. Final contract numbers are expected to be around $13 million per season.

Sherman is the best corner playing in the game right now, and by all means does he deserve the contract extension worth that amount of money. Sherman was drafted in the 5th round back in 2011 and has pulled in 20 interceptions in that time.

I like the move for the Seahawks and for Sherman. He deserves the pay, and the Seahawks will benefit from the price they are giving him.

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