The wild-card games of the 2022 NFL playoffs are complete, as the San Francisco 49ers were the first team to advance out of the weekend after a 41-23 win over the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday. The Jacksonville Jaguars came back from a 27-0 deficit to beat the Los Angeles Chargers 31-30 on Saturday night, and the Buffalo Bills held off the Miami Dolphins (34-31) on Sunday to move on. In the first upset of the playoffs, the New York Giants defeated the Minnesota Vikings 31-24 on Sunday afternoon. The Cincinnati Bengals capped off Sunday with a 24-17 win against the Baltimore Ravens. In the final wild-card matchup, the Dallas Cowboys knocked off the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, winning 31-14 on Monday.

The divisional round will take place over January 21-22 and includes four games that will determine who moves on to the conference championships on January 29. The Philadelphia Eagles (NFC) and Kansas City Chiefs (AFC) are the teams that got first-round byes and will play home games in the divisional round.

Divisional Round: January 21 and 22
There will be four divisional-round games, two on Saturday, and two on Sunday:

(6) New York Giants at (1) Philadelphia Eagles
Saturday, 8:15 PM ET on FOX

(5) Dallas Cowboys at (2) San Francisco 49ers
Sunday, 6:30 PM ET on FOX

(4) Jacksonville Jaguars at (1) Kansas City Chiefs
Saturday, 4:30 PM ET on NBC

(3) Cincinnati Bengals at (2) Buffalo Bills
Sunday, 3:00 PM ET on CBS

The NFC and AFC championships will be played on January 29.

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