So we all have been hearing plenty of griping from Olympic athletes, coaches and spectators about the conditions in Rio. And rightfully so. I mean seriously… the water is contaminated, Zika could be everywhere and the housing isn’t up to par.

But the latest complaint from competitors doesn’t include anything that could affect one’s physical performance. Instead, it may hinder some athletes’ idea of “fun.”

Guys, Brazil doesn’t have “Pokemon Go”! What on earth are we going to do?

Since debuting this past month “Pokemon Go” has launched all over the world - making it’s presence known in 30 countries or territories. However, it has not found it’s way to Brazil yet.

And from what I have read, athletes are definitely not happy about it, deeming it a “First World Problem.”

New Zealand soccer player Anna Green is one athlete who has been vocal about her dismay, stating: “I wish I could run around in the (athletes’) village catching Pokemon! I just can’t get it on the phone. It’s fine, but it would have been something fun to do.”

Other athletes have chimed in as well, mentioning that it would have been a fun, inclusive activity that competitors from different nations could do together.

Other athletes who play the game are actually okay with the lack of the entertainment. For instance, Canadian field hockey player Matthew Sarmento said it’s probably for the best, providing more time to actually interact with and meet other athletes from around the world. However, he threw in that he wouldn’t have been opposed to the Pokemon presence, saying that “sometime’s it’s good to take your mind off the important things and let yourself chill.”

Brazil itself is now beginning to pressure the company’s investor, Nintendo, to release the game in their country as soon as possible. Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes, following the continuous misfortunes occurring around Rio that are taking over the media, thinks “Pokemon Go” is a necessity.

“Everybody is coming here. You should also come,” he wrote on his Facebook page. He also hash-tagged #PokemonGoNoBrasil advertising his thoughts.

So what do you think will happen? I’m betting that Nintendo will make sure the game hits app stores before the Olympic Opening Ceremony on Friday.

Brazil needs this. Big time. With all the negative press from athletes, this would certainly up their street cred a bit.

Meanwhile, here in Sioux Falls, I have yet to try the game, let alone look at it on someone else’s phone. I think it’s probably time I give in and test it out!

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, USA Today Sports

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