We don't have many words to this story outside of WOW.

ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is set to sign a new 10-year contract extension that will give him the richest deal ever seen by an NFL athlete...or by any athlete in history for that matter.

How much money are we talking about? Well, the final details aren't fully out there yet but if you factor in Mahomes' current rookie deal with what the structure of the new deal would be, everything is looking well north of $400 million.


Just think about that for a moment.

As the headline said, the contract extension would by far be the richest in NFL history. How about for all-time history? That honor is currently held by Mike Trout who signed a 12-year, 426.5 million deal. I'm going to stress "currently" because everyone has a feeling that the new Mahomes deal will surpass Trout. (Edit: See below)

EDIT: The deal did in fact pass Trout's. Schefter is reporting that the contract with worth $450 million with a $140 million injury guarantee.

The 24-year-old deserves whatever he demands. During his short playing career, Mahomes led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory, was named Super Bowl MVP, NFL League MVP (2018), NFL All-Pro (2018), NFL Offensive Player of the Year (2018), and a Pro Bowler (2018, 2019). In his 31 NFL career starts, Mahomes has thrown for 9,412 yards, 76 touchdowns, and 18 interceptions.

The new contract extension will keep Mahomes with the Chiefs through the 2031 NFL season.

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