Something ridiculous has been occurring throughout the NBA media the last couple years and it's time it stops.

It's time the media stops pretending that players like Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook or James Harden are the best players in the NBA. Furthermore, they need to stop entertaining the fact these guys alone can absolutely increase teams championship chances.

Before everyone sits here and cries in outrage, yes I know Steph Curry won in 2015. But let's just call it what it is and admit that had LeBron been at full force with Kyrie and Love, the outcome probably would've been different.

When teams stockpile enough weapons to have an 8 man deep rotation of players that could play for any other team, they should be successful and win games. Sorry, but Curry wouldn't be Curry if he didn't have Thompson, Green, Iguodala, Barnes, Bogut, Livingston and David Lee or Durant whose a top three player in the league this season.

Westbrook and Harden had fantastic seasons, but their both players that rely on high volume shooting to score points, lack defensive presence at times and they turned the ball over a ridiculous amount. There are times that both of these players are completely out of control and force horrible shots.

The way I see it, there's three guys that put on a decent team, could turn the team into a conference championship contender or more.

All three players are tall and long enough to shoot over defenders, amazing athletes, score inside effectively, score outside effectively, dribble, pass, set screens, play lockdown man defense, pick pockets and block shots.

The point forward has become what it takes to have a championship team in the current NBA. Those three players are Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant and LeBron James.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time explaining the last name. One could make a legit argument that LeBron could be put on almost any team in the NBA, and they not only become a conference favorite but likely a finals favorite, no matter the team.

Leonard and Durant are similar to LeBron but not quite on the same level. Either of those guys could be put on semi-decent team in the NBA and that team immediately turns into a likely conference favorite.

While players like Westbrook, Curry and Harden are still great players, their not elite, not like James, Leonard or Durant and they're not players that you can build a championship around or play positions 1 through 4.

Honorable Mentions: players like Paul George and Giannis Antetokounmpo are similar to the big three I mentioned but again I would not consider them elite players.

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