Everyone has fishing stories but when we get to talk to Pro Fisherman Ted Takasaki, we get the best fishing stories in our area.

Ted Takasaki is a long time pro and calls Sioux Falls, SD home, so we get the pleasure of having him on ESPN 99.1 throughout the year.

The man that is synonymous with the "SkinzIt" is also synonymous with giving out great advice for fishermen.

We had a chance to sit down with Ted Takasaki to get the latest fishing report for South Dakota and got him to give some advice for folks fishing at all different kinds of levels.

As you can tell, Ted cares about his craft but also cares about others getting the chance to enjoy the sport he loves so much.

He wants as many people as possible to enjoy fishing which has given him so much joy in his life and that is clear every time he talks about the sport.

So to recap, in order to get through the weeds, throw on a bullet sinker followed by a spinner with a crawler.

Additionally, hit up Lake Thompson if you are looking for a hot spot right now and if you are planning a late summer fishing getaway, consider Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota.

Finally, the point that may be the most surprising, Ted calls the Carp the most underrated fish in the water.

For more information on Ted Takasaki and tips on fishing, you can visit his Facebook Fan Page.

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