Agree or disagree with Skip Bayless, there is a reason why he tweeted about a Cleveland advantage soon after the Celtics’ Gordon Hayward went down.

Almost immediately the backlash arrived for the long time sports pundit. However if you read his words, his argument is solid.

Skip has a right to say it. Plus he was likely somewhat prepared for the firestorm to follow.

At the base of his persona, he is an opinion guy. He’s advanced into his current role by being right a lot.

Now that the parameters for what Mr. Bayless has said and why he said it are set, let’s dive into the outrage against him.

First, a lot of people HATE Skip Bayless. Whether it’s the arrogance (uhhhh it is mostly the arrogance) that people use as fodder against him, any salient point he makes will be heavily scrutinized.

Second, but most importantly, by Bayless making a statement like that almost instantaneously shows a lack of compassion for a man who is in severe pain. Hayward will be out indefinitely as he recovers from a broken ankle and Skip has already pressed ahead to the Eastern Conference finals. It was too soon for many to handle and it felt like rubbing alcohol on the opened wound.

Third, and this is where people can ambush Bayless if his prediction falls apart, it’s a long season. Between now and April a lot of good or bad things can happen.

For now there are a lot of people wishing well as #PrayforGordonHayward trended in the wake of the first quarter calamity. There’s no need to start a trend, but if you are so inclined maybe say a quick petition for the soul of Skip, too.

Wait a second. Maybe you don't have to be so earnest about the salvation of Bayless's soul. How about a little context. Here's the tweet preceding the one that raised so much ruckus.

Ever heard of look before you leap?


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