Thursday Night Football has become a hot topic among not only the media covering the league, but the NFL's players, coaches, owners and fans.

The injury issues and lopsided games have caused a big discussion to begin about the future of the Thursday night slate.

One NFL player that is never scared to express his opinion is Seattle Seahwaks corner back Richard Sherman and he certainly didn't shy away from this topic.

According to ESPN, this is what Sherman had to say about the current Thursday Night Football slate.

"Poopfest. It's terrible," Sherman said. "We got home like 1 o'clock in the morning, something like that on Monday and then you've got to play again. Congratulations, NFL, you did it again. But they've been doing it all season, so I guess we're the last ones to get the middle finger."

I would tend to agree with Sherman as it just doesn't seem necessary other than the money that is involved in it all.

With the NFL claiming player safety as the #1 priority, it seems quite counter productive to risk player safety in the name of making a few more bucks.

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