As soon as the Patriots won the AFC Championship and on their way to Super Bowl 51, you knew Deflategate and Tom Brady were going to be a topic of conversation at the big game.

I wasn't surprised when one of the first three question was about Brady, but the amount of anger and annoyance that came from the New England area media was almost awkward. I wish people could get a feel for the room because the tone of questioning was nothing but hostile.

Reporters flooded Goodell with questions about "Bad information on Deflategate", "New England fan base resentment", "Are you welcomed in Foxboro?", "Erosion of public trust" and "Have you and Tom Brady talked, what's your relationship like?"

Every time Goodell answered a question it was as if Patches O'Houlihan was saying dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge. Goodell had a giant smirk on his face the whole time he listened to New England reporters ask questions.

Here's a small sample of the press conference.


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