Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
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Should MLB take games to London during the regular season?

That is the question that is being thrown about in the MLB world right now as there is a report out there that has the possibility coming to fruition.

The two teams would be the Red Sox and Yankees.

The year would be 2018 and it wouldn't just be one game, it would be a full series during the regular season.

We have seen the NFL experience a lot of success already with games in London and they have taken it so far to add four regular season games a year at this point across the pond.

The bottom line certainly propels this idea as the logic behind the scenes is that some of these professional sports have reached or will soon reach their ceiling in regards to fans and so you much go to other countries to continue to see the fast revenue growth they have seen over the last decade.

Just as many things are affected by money, this move seems to be the same.

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