Good news thrashers, your hopes of being able to do a backside, a boardslide, a 360 flip and a variety of other skateboarding tricks inside a brand new state-of-the-art skateboard park in Sioux Falls just got much closer to becoming a reality. And oddly enough, COVID-19 is playing a part in making it all possible.

As Pigeon 605 reports, the city of Sioux Falls is prepared to dedicate $800,000 in matching funds to the Sioux Falls Skateboard Association to help make their new skateboard park a reality. The money being donated from the city is coming from COVID-19 relief funds from the federal government designed to focus on infrastructure.

The final phase of the fundraising campaign being put on by the Sioux Falls Skateboard Association kicked off on Monday (November 1) and will continue through March of 2022.

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The money they raise, together with the $800,000 in matching funds the city of Sioux Falls is kicking in will be used to help fund the $1.35 million proposed project.

If sufficient funds are collected, the design process for the new skatepark will get underway as early as next April. And according to Pigeon 605, the hope is to have the skateboard park which is scheduled to be located near Drake Springs Family Aquatic Center at 10th and Cliff Avenue fully operational by the summer of 2023.

Walter Portz, who helped to co-found the Sioux Falls Skateboard Association told Pigeon 605, “Once we have the money, I think it will happen pretty quick. We really hope to have it open in the summer of 2023. Then, we’ll get to have some use before schools starts and have a cool kickoff.”

The city of Sioux Falls plans to manage the entire construction project, as they get design ideas and input from the folks with the skateboard association along the way.

Pattrick Lalley with Pigeon 605 has written an article that delves much deeper into the backstory of the Sioux Falls skateboard project. You can read his story here.

Source: Pigeon 605

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