You can add another reason why so many people are moving to South Dakota... We don't have shark attacks.

If you have ever watched the cult hit "JAWS", you probably have been slightly more trepidatious about entering waters that could produce a potential encounter with a shark.

That may all be true, but here in South Dakota, you can put your worries aside.

A local member of the Sioux Empire sent out a tweet on Friday that had recent data showing the great state of South Dakota has been able to avoid any great white shark attacks and any others from the always intimidating species.

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According to the experts at the Florida Museum, unprovoked attacks "are defined as incidents in which an attack on a live human occurs in the shark’s natural habitat with no human provocation of the shark."

Sydney Beach Closed After Shark Attack
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Of the 129 shark attacks worldwide in 2020, 57 of them were unprovoked, while 29 were considered provoked, but it is worth noting, none of them occurred in South Dakota.

So hopefully you feel a lot better next time you take a dip in Wall Lake, Lake Oahe or the Big Sioux River, knowing you will most likely make it to shore without encountering an angry shark.

For more information on other species you may encounter in the waters throughout South Dakota, you can visit the state's Game, Fish, and Parks Department website.

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