A new hunting video has taken the internet by storm with over 1.8 million views, and it happens to have originated in Howard, SD.

With a plethora of hunters in the state, we know what it’s like when nothing you want to hunt is actually in season. Your all-time favorite hobby is put on hold and the free time you suddenly have is just killing you.

One father-son duo from Howard found the ultimate solution to this conundrum: hunting babies.

Now before everyone throws a fit over the term 'hunting babies,' you need to watch the cute video and know the backstory:

Taylor Calmus is an actor who currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. Side note: I met Taylor seven years ago when we both just happened to be working as background actors on the Fox television show Glee. It's obviously very rare to meet anyone from SD in LA, especially someone doing the exact same job as you, so we were rather excited to encounter one another.

Calmus, who has been in LA for seven years, loves to hunt with his father Larry when he's back in town. He explains that hunting is “pretty much his dad’s only hobby” and that he hunts possibly every animal that has a season, until the first of the year hits. Then he’s stuck with the ever-popular dilemma of boredom as he anxiously awaits the next fall.

Now here's where the baby comes in. Calmus’ son, Theo, is almost one-year old and is absolutely adorable. With a baby crawling around the house, Calmus and his dad thought of a legal and entertaining way to continue the thrills hunting in the off-season, while involving Theo. Take a look for yourself:

The success of this particular video has been incredible. When I saw it on Facebook late last week it had around 50,000 views. Today it has over 1.8 million views and 34,000 shares, and it is sure to continue racking up the numbers.

This video is just one of the clever things Calmus has created as a part of his video blog, Dude Dad. He began the vlog just three weeks before the birth of his son as a way to stay creative while being a dad.

Through the channel, Calmus shares his experiences as a father in a fun, comedic way. He wanted to share it with the public as a way for others to learn and laugh along the ride.

The amount of support from South Dakotans and people everywhere has been great. Calmus told me:

“I am truly thankful for the support I have received from my home town community. Slowly I am gaining the support I need to draw in sponsors and make Dude Dad more than just a hobby. Even if I never make a dime though, I'd probably still makes these videos. They're a great way to preserve memories and I love to make people laugh.”

Congrats on your success, Taylor. I’m excited to follow along and see more of your entertaining content in the future. If you'd like to follow yourself, visit: Dude Dad.

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