When my two girls were growing up they were involved in soccer, softball, and bowling.  That's just scratching the surface for some families I know.

With every sport comes increased costs to mom and dad for registration, equipment, and travel.  Like every thing else in the world the cost keeps going up.

According to a new study from RetailMeNot.com, U.S. parents spend $671 a year on sports-related costs for a child, but 21 percent of parents spend more than $1,000 per child!

So which sports are the most expensive:

1. Football

2. Baseball/softball

3. Hockey

4. Basketball

5. Soccer

6. Gymnastics

7. Golf

The biggest expenses:

1. Uniforms and appropriate sports apparel (28%)

2. Sporting equipment (27%)

3. Team dues (17%)

4. Travel (11%)

5. Sports camps (7%)

With more and more kids playing these days, there's one thing parents should strongly consider playing:  the lottery!

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