I was tuned in Sunday to the very end of Super Bowl XLIX and I'm sure you were too. As we sat there on the edge of our seats, we were not alone.

Millions of others were joining us. To be exact, 168 million others.

It was the all time largest audience in TV history. Beating out the previous top mark set in the Super Bowl the year before.

Talking about record TV audiences, it makes me think of some television series finales from years past. Let me name just a couple that at one time had record setting numbers.

On April 8, 1979, 40.2 million people and I watched the last ever episode of Archie, Edith, Mike and Gloria. The final time of CBS bringing the Bunkers to our living rooms as All in the Family came to a close.

Or how about Cheers and "One for the Road" on May 20, 1993? It had 93.5 million viewers.

And the one I remember most of all, was the night of February 28, 1983. The entire bowling league I was on stopped all alleys and all of us stood to watch M*A*S*H "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" on the only TV in the house.

That still ranks as the number one most watched TV series finale yet today. There were 125 million people along with us 40 guys at the bowling alley watching.

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