Terrell Owens has been making the media rounds over the last few weeks and even after he didn't get selected in his first year of eligibility for the Hall of Fame he continued that media tour.

On Mike and Mike this morning, TO took a shot at a current HOF'er in Cris Carter.

"[Cris Carter] is a guy that's criticized me plenty of times, for anything," Owens said, per Sports Illustrated, pointing to a time early in his career when Carter apparently called him mediocre. "For me, that was something that motivated me. ... For somebody like that, for Cris Carter to come out and say something like that, I just felt like it was disrespectful. And so now, when you look at where I am statistically, I've surpassed him. And from what I've heard, from a lot of guys, he begged his way into the Hall of Fame."

The stats don't lie and TO has better production than Carter and Owens will likely join Carter someday and I can't wait for the acceptance speech when I'm sure this will be brought up again.  Or at least I really hope it will be!!

TO joined me on my radio show last week from radio row at the Super Bowl and he was confident he'd get in the Hall of Fame but recognized it might not be this year.

"Some people didn't like me and for those reasons, I may not get in year 1.  But the number don't lie," said Owens.


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