Did you know that Tom Brady has appeared in more Super Bowl's than 28 other teams? Here's some crazy off-the-wall stats heading into Super Bowl LI.

Let's get the base out of the way first. This year's Super Bowl features the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. This will be Atlanta's second appearance in the big game, while New England will make their ninth trip. Atlanta has never won a Super Bowl, while New England is 4-4 all-time.

Okay, now let's get to the crazy stuff.


Super Bowl on FOX

This is more by chance than anything, but FOX will broadcast Super Bowl LI and they have broadcasted the majority of New England's appearances in the big game. Atlanta's prior appearance in 1999 was also on FOX.

  • This in total will be the 8th Super Bowl broadcasted on the FOX Network...
  • New England on FOX for Super Bowl: 1997 (Summerall/Madden), 2002 (Summerall/Madden), 2005 (Buck/Aikman), 2008 (Buck/Aikman), 2017 (Buck/Aikman)
    • In those Super Bowl games on FOX, New England is 2-2.
    • New England will have appeared in five of the eight Super Bowl games broadcasted on FOX.
    • New England is 1-2 all-time when the Super Bowl is aired on NBC.
    • New England is 1-0 all-time when the Super Bowl is aired on CBS.
  • Atlanta on FOX in Super Bowl: 1999 (Summerall/Madden), 2017 (Buck/Aikman)

The NFC South...

Since the NFL realigned to it's current status in 2002 after the expansion of Houston, the NFC South is the first division in football to have all teams appear in the Super Bowl.

  • Atlanta (2017)
  • Carolina (2004, 2016)
  • New Orleans (2010)
  • Tampa Bay (2003)

For those keeping score, here's the rest of the divisions to this point on Super Bowl appearances since 2002 realignment (2002-2003 season).

  • NFC North: Green Bay (2011), Chicago (2007)
  • NFC East: New York (2008, 2012), Philadelphia (2005)
  • NFC West: Seattle (2006, 2014, 2015), Arizona (2009), San Francisco (2013)
  • AFC North: Pittsburgh (2006, 2009, 2011), Baltimore (2013)
  • AFC South: Indianapolis (2007, 2010)
  • AFC West: Denver (2014, 2016), Oakland (2003)

The AFC East

The AFC East has been dominated in the Tom Brady era. With the Patriots success, the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins have all failed to reach the Super Bowl since the 2002 realignment. Only the Jets have made somewhat of a run reaching the AFC Championship Game in 2009 and 2010.

Repeat Venues

There's just something about New England and the city in which they are playing in the Super Bowl. This will be the THIRD time New England will play a Super Bowl in a venue in which they previously played for a title.

  • New Orleans Superdome
    • 1986 - Loss vs. Chicago
    • 1997 - Loss vs. Green Bay
    • 2002 - Win vs. St. Louis
  • University of Phoenix Stadium
    • 2008 - Loss vs. New York Giants
    • 2015 - Win vs. Seattle
  • Reliant Stadium
    • 2004 - Win vs. Carolina
    • 2017 - TBD vs. Atlanta

That being said, the only single trip venues that New England visited was Jacksonville (2005) and Indianapolis (2012).

Atlanta's prior appearance in a Super Bowl was played in Miami.

And Finally....Tom Brady

  • This will be Tom Brady's 7th Super Bowl.
    • He is 4-2 all-time in the Super Bowl
    • He has won 3 Super Bowl MVP's (02, 04, 15)
  • Tom Brady has appeared in more Super Bowl's than EVERY team in the NFL except
    • Pittsburgh (8)
    • Dallas (8)
    • Denver (8)

Super Bowl LI is scheduled for Sunday, February 5th on FOX.

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