The Minnesota Timberwolves have long been thought of as a organization that doesn't do so hot in the NBA Draft.

From muffed trades to botched picks, there are many examples of the "what if" game that are played by fans after the Wolves have had some bad luck throughout the years in the Draft.

That said, if you look back at the picks solely in the first round, the Timberwolves have hit some home runs from Wally to Garnett to Karl Anthony Towns and the trade for Kevin Love.

I recently did a exercise on my radio show where we had a grading system in place as we evaluated the T-Wolves picks throughout the history of the team.

I landed on a C+ for Minnesota for their first round picks over the years.

With that in mind, now that Minnesota has a new President of Basketball Operations and a new full time head coach, the time is now to start improving that grade.

The Minnesota Timberwolves will take Coby White if they want to do that.

The star guard out of UNC could be that future point guard this organization so desperately needs.

To say that and to actually do that are two different conversations though.

White's stock has continued to rise and teams like the Phoenix Suns are rumored to be in love with White and may take him before Minnesota has a chance to with the 11th overall pick.

So Minnesota has two options. Stay pat and hope White falls into their lap at #11 or to move up via trade.

Rumors have been circling all week that the Wolves have interest in moving up and my guess would be that move would signal a desire to go after White.

We will have to wait and see if Minnesota can land White, but if they can, it could be another game changer for this organization.