Without a doubt the most hated and loved player in the NBA right now is LeBron James. If "The Decision" didn't push fans towards dislike, LeBron's constant complaining and flopping on the court probably pushed them way over the line. As the best all around player and the most physically talented in the NBA he still receives tons of love from fans. But also gets the most criticism at the same time. LeBron tends to have an excuses or problem with every roster he has played on. Whether you agree or not, he just basically had David Blatt fired. That moved doesn't happen without LeBron getting a phone call and giving his blessing on the situation.

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Being in the league for 20 years you're bound to make some enemies. Winning five championships also will bring some haters. Kobe has been one of the most vocal players on the court for 20 years and the fact that he takes some ill-advised jumpers doesn't help. Fans hate ball hogs, especially if it's someone on your team. This gets magnified too when you're considered the superstar that has stuck around too long. His vocal dissatisfaction of teammates has caused many issues throughout the years as well. It's been known for a while that no other superstar has interest in going to Los Angeles until Kobe is retired.

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Dwight Howard is considered by many as the most soft big man in the game. Not only soft but the guy that would probably rather just collect a paycheck than win a championship. Howard is 6'11" and 265 pounds of peer muscle that likes to avoid contact. He also is in the top five of biggest complainers in the NBA. In the summer of 2014, Howard left the Lakers after a terrible season and after Kobe didn't support Howard's unmotivated attitude. So of course the they had words when the Lakers visited the Rockets opening day of 2014. Kobe lated called him a "big Teddy bear". OKC forward Kevin Durant also was overheard calling Howard a "p---y" during a game in 2014.

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Nothing is more heart breaking than you're superstar getting hurt for the season. If it happens back-to-back-to-back well then it's just annoying. Derrick Rose became the youngest MVP of the league ever after the 2010 season. The following 2011 season he played in 39 of the 66 games of the shorted schedule because of little nagging injuries. Rose tore his ACL in game one of the playoffs against the 76ers. The 2012 season Rose played the "I'm not ready" debated with media for the entire season and never returned. In 2013, Rose played in ten games total. He tore his meniscus in late November and had surgery to repair it.  The 2014 season looked promising with 57 games until Rose tore his meniscus again and had surgery to repair it for the second time. This season Rose has played in 37 of the 43 games so far. He has missed some time with minor knee soreness but nothing major so far.

Quick summary; the last four seasons Rose has played in 137 out of 234 games possible and after this season will have collected close to $73 million. Whether you feel bad or dislike Rose is your decision. However, he was considered one of the most explosive and best players in the NBA four years ago but now is looked at as a nuisance for the Bulls.

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Everyone knows the guy that takes things a little too far during pickup games. You know, the guy who hacks and everyone thinks is going to hurt someone eventually. That's Matt Barnes in the NBA. He is known for hacking or clocking players when they go up for shots. He loves flirting on the line of I didn't meant to hurt you, or did I? Go to YouTube and type in Matt Barnes flagrant foul and the point is proven. He is considered one of the best perimeter defenders in the game and Barnes makes sure everyone knows he's the baddest dudes on the court.  Fans like a physical and fast game but Barnes takes it too far at times.

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Everyone knows the hacker and everyone knows the guy who doesn't play defense but loves offense. James Harden. A great scorer but doesn't care one lick about defense. He can flop though that's for sure. Harden might be the one superstar that gets away with playing "olé" defense because he's such a good scorer. After being traded by the Thunder in 2012, Harden's ego got enlarged by being the number one guy on the Rockets. Either way his lack of defense and his stir the pot or eating motion on offense tends to rub fans the wrong way.

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