The vote is official, the St. Louis Rams are no more as they have been approved to relocate to Los Angeles.

The LA Rams are once more.

The final vote was tallied and 30-2 was the count from the 32 owners approving the Rams to move.  Also included in this is the San Diego Chargers who have one year to negotiate a deal to join them in the same stadium.

The stadium will be in Inglewood California and it will be built by Stan Kroenke the owner of the Rams.

This ends a 21 year drought for the NFL being in Los Angeles and will certainly be much better this time around.

Before the biggest issues was none of the teams that once called LA home ever actually had a home. This time they both will have a brand new, state of the art stadium that will draw a ton of excitement, enthusiasm and most importantly revenue, that I think will flow plentifully into those two organizations.

The Oakland Raiders were the other team that was in the mix to relocate and at this time most reports have them being the team left out of the LA move.  That doesn't mean that the Raiders will stay in Oakland and it's conceivable that St. Louis could be their new home.

The mayor of St. Louis and the Governor of Missouri have both committed to supporting a new stadium and pledged support for the Rams to stay in St. Louis but it was the ownership that didn't want to stay in St. Louis.  Don't rule out St. Louis making a play for the Raiders now that they have lost the Rams.

More details here from the expanded coverage of the relocation of the St. Louis Rams and the San Diego Chargers.

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