I remember the initial press conference in Minnesota. The Vikings just traded a first round draft pick, and a couple of third round picks, to Kansas City for defensive end Jared Allen. Allen walked into the press conference and quickly made a joke about how many number 69 jerseys he saw in the crowd already, only for it to be because of Brock Lesnar.

For the next six years, Allen continued his dominance and never missed a game for the Vikings. During his time in Minnesota, he accumulated 85.5 sacks, 328 tackles, four safeties, four interceptions, and even a touchdown.

Now, we watch Allen move into free agency and we'll watch him sign with a Super Bowl contending team. He deserves the chance, and I don't think many Vikings fans wouldn't agree with that.

The writing was on the wall as of yesterday. The Vikings re-signed defensive end Everson Griffen to a five year 42.5 million dollar deal. Minnesota paid Allen 17 million last year alone, and now they will pay roughly eight million for Griffen per season. With the move to keep Griffen, the Vikings essentially told Allen that they we're moving on, and that it was time for Allen to do the same.

To be fair, Allen told the Vikings a long while ago that he respected their decision to not negotiate the contract he was given, and to pay him the full amount on the last year of the deal (most teams re-negotiate to avoid cap hits). He knew that he was going to leave after this past season. He officially stated today that he would not return to Minnesota.

As much as the fans (and me included) would have loved to see Allen stay around, the fact is that it's just business. Minnesota is moving to a younger format, while Allen is looking for the perfect ending.

The rodeo in Minnesota has ended, but will never be completely over. Vikings fans will await the return of Allen to Minnesota in a few years...to have his name entered into the Vikings Ring of Honor.

Here's to one last QB sack.

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