What does it take to be the most "redneck city" in the Hawkeye State? According to this video, there are a few big factors to take into consideration.

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YouTuber, Nick Johnson has made these videos for over 30 states, and Iowa's does not disappoint, as he hits just about every part of the map, including Northwest Iowa.

What are the factors that make a town "redneck"? At the beginning of the video it's explained they look at how much hunting and fishing permits are sold. Also, the number of Walmarts and the towns with the highest chewing tobacco sales are considered to determine which cities make the cut.

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Here are the top ten:

10) Conesville

9) Maquoketa

8) Red Oak

7) Fort Madison

6) Missouri Valley

5) Boone

4) Bloomfield

3) Denison

2) Spirit Lake

1) Fort Dodge

So, what makes these towns so redneck? In the video, the narrator explains that dollar stores, bars per capita, gun shops, and areas for fishing and hunting all played a role in the selections.

Check out the video in the YouTube link below and see if you agree as to what the most redeck towns in the Hawkeye State are.

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