We all have been watching way more TV and streaming way more shows than ever before, but that doesn't mean everything we have been watching has been good.

For the most part, I've lucked out and the shows or movies that I have checked out for the first time have been super solid.

That said, I have certainly watched some very dumb things over the last few weeks.

Here are the "Top 5 Dumbest Things I've Watched on Netflix During the Quarantine".

1.  How High 2 - As we all know, sequels usually disappoint but when you are dealing with a sequel to a movie called "How High", you can't have high expectations. I didn't and it still was awful. I got 18 minutes in and had to shut it off. Terrible acting, horrible storylines and just miserable to watch. Ice Cube and Redman (the original actors) would  and should be so disappointed as well.

2.  Kingpin - This is a movie I know I watched as a kid but couldn't remember much about it. After rewatching it again, I realized why. The darkness of some of the comedy just drove me away from enjoyment.

3.  Police Academy - I now at some point in my youth I walked over to Lewis Drug and rented every single Police Academy movie. After rewatching the original again on Netfilx, I'm not sure why I made all those trips. The slap stick comedy isn't that funny and even though you know that's the point of the movie, I just didn't find myself engaged at all with the moive.

4.  Little Mermaid II - Again, another sequel that didn't live up to the original film. Two of my three sons love Little Mermaid so we watched the second version and it was bad. The graphics look like they took a step back and the suspense seemed to be lacking with Ursela's sister now as the villain.

5.  Cheers (Season 1) - in the minds of many, Cheers is a TV classic... I would respectfully like to disagree. I have never been a fan of the show and had only watched a dozen or so episodes throughout the years in no particular order. I gutted out the first season of the show and couldn't gut out another season if you asked me to. It just isn't my cup of tea (or beer).  Give me the Office, Big Bang Theory, Friends or Seinfeld over Cheers any day of the week.