State authorities say that “Felony Lane Gangs” have been targeting families in Iowa towns. Lock your cars and hold on to your purses.

A group the FBI has titled “Felony Lane Gangs” are now a concern for Iowa law enforcement.

This year it's suspected that Felony Lane Gangs have been active in the Cedar Falls and Cedar Rapids areas.

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Cedar Rapids Police say eastern Iowa has been targeted.

Felony Lane Gangs have a history of going from town to town stealing items from vehicles and the vehicle themselves.
These crooks have a history of stealing cars and from cars parked right in people's driveways.

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So just what is the story behind these Felony Lane Gangs?

According to USA Today, Felony Lane Gangs originated in Florida a decade ago.

They have been targeting moms across the country for years, stealing their purses and using their IDs and credit cards to commit more crimes, like cashing bogus checks or going on shopping sprees with stolen credit cards.

The men do the smash-n-grabs. The women cash the checks, often wearing wigs while sitting in the farthest drive-thru lane to avoid detection which is where the "Felony Lane Gang" gets its name from.

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