Peyton Manning is a sure thing. Without a doubt, he will be enshrined in Canton as a first-ballot Hall of Famer. But last year, he couldn't do everything physically necessary as a quarterback for 16 straight games plus the playoffs.

Good news, Broncos fans: Trevor Siemian can.

The Denver Broncos are reigning Super Bowl champions, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. Play at the quarterback position was lacking last season for Denver, but Siemian is filling that stopgap just fine.

After a slower first two starts in which he played more of a facilitator or game manager role, Siemian broke out of his shell and showcased his arm against a good Cincinnati Bengals defense.

Even more impressive than this throw is Siemian's recognition and understanding of the game. This 55-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas came against Chris Lewis-Harris, a cornerback who entered the game for the cramping Adam Jones just a play before.

Siemian recognized Lewis-Harris coming off the bench and immediately attacked him with the deep ball. The game IQ was there, and so was the touch on the pass.

Manning is one of the best quarterbacks to play in the NFL, but he struggled with arm strength on many occasions. Siemian is showing his arm has little issue chucking the ball downfield, adding to his stat line.

Manning and Brock Osweiler didn't put up numbers like that last season.

I can already hear you screaming, "It's just one great game for Siemian," but remember that Cincinnati has a top-10 NFL defense accustomed to the physical play of the AFC North. Siemian also played well enough against the Carolina Panthers, arguably a top-5 NFL defense.

As the chemistry grows between Siemian and his receivers, the Broncos offense will only get more dangerous. And as Siemian continues to take NFL snaps, he's going to have an easier time reading defenses and picking them apart. And with the elite Bronco defense, Denver should still be the AFC favorites.

Trevor Siemian is the real deal and gives Denver something Manning and Osweiler couldn't last season: poise and an arm.

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