US Bank Stadium is into year two of existence and it already is making a name for itself with the level of noise the fans are making inside.

Growing up a Steelers fan I didn't make it to many games as a kid in Minnesota but when I attended almost every home game as a student during college, I found a new appreciate for the level of noise inside the Metrodome.

Some will argue that the days of old in the Metrodome will never be rivaled but if Vikings fans have something to say about it, that may end up not being true.

As the Saints prepared for their opener against the Vikings on Monday Night Football, even they scouted US Bank Stadium which of course included the noise level.

According to, Saints quarterback Drew Brees said during his discussion on US Bank Stadium,"Just heard it's loud, heard it's very loud,"

Brees is right.

However, on Monday night as many home games when the weather permits, the Vikings opened the endzone windows on one side of the stadium which allow noise to get out, essentially making it less noisy than some games when it is closed.

No matter the case, windows open or not, the Vikings fans bring the noise and help make US Bank Stadium one of the loudest venues in the league.


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