Minnesota Vikings broadcaster Paul Allen joined Jeff Thurn on Tuesday's edition of Overtime. Allen discussed the decision to start Matt Cassel, and what he is expecting from the Vikings opening game in St. Louis.

Allen on the Vikings choosing Matt Cassel over rookie Teddy Bridgewater

"He's [Cassel] has seen everything 100 times more than Bridgewater. Cassel started a million games in the NFL and has an inconsistent career, but he's never had Adrian Peterson or Norv Turner. He's more reliable at this stage than Bridgewater."

As for the future for this team, Allen says that the right decision was made to put Bridgewater on the bench.

"There's no need to rush Bridgewater when you have Cassel doing what he's doing in practice and preseason games. Cassel has been lighting it up in preseason."

The Vikings open the season against St. Louis on Sunday. Allen believes the Vikings will start the season off with a victory.

"It's off what I saw in the preseason and offseason from the defense...People will say, yes, that's the preseason. I like the way the defense is going and I think it will trick Shaun Hill. I like the Vikings to go down there and win a highly contested game."


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