Ah the Fourth of July, the time where we Americans blow up explosives to either try and beat the neighbors with your display or just let the kids go wild with the smoke bombs and then have stained driveways.

While out firework shopping on July 4th at Pyro City located near the edge of Sioux Falls just off of Exit 1A, I came across the mammoth package of fireworks that is so rightfully named 'The Godfather'. According to the Pyro City website the Godfather contains:

".. over 100 lbs of firepower, the Godfather packs the ultimate mix of 500-gram cakes, multi-shots, fountains, and artillery shells."

Even more on brand so to speak is the text on the right packaging of the box that states so 'you wanna make some noise?' surrounded by other mafia-looking gentlemen in their pinstriped suits.

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This bundle was huge, by my estimates it was seven feet tall. And if some shopper was bold enough to purchase 'The Godfather', they were gifted a multi-shot 500 grams firework that was also worth $700 with purchase.

But if shoppers did buy other fireworks together that exceeded $699 in value, they were also gifted a multi-shot 500 grams firework.

I can't help but wonder how someone without a pickup truck would be able to take 'The Godfather' home.

Also, how many firework shoppers buy these packages at this price point per year? And how many hours would it take to light off all of those fireworks?

But to those who buy these fireworks, our red, white, and blue hats are off to you!


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