Nature is truly amazing. Simply walking outside and having the opportunity to explore animals in their natural habitat is remarkable.

Sometimes animals are shy, and hikers need a keen eye to spot them. Iowa nature lovers and watchers are especially lucky because they can actually see bald eagles during the day and night. Even if you don't see animals along your journey, there is a unique video you can view from inside the comfort of your own home.

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Seeing bald eagles is a beautiful experience! Now with the help of a live stream video from the Explore Live Nature Cams, you can see them at your convenience!

One video from Explore Live Nature Cams highlights the majestic, bald eagles nesting in a wooded area in Decorah, Iowa.

There are a few eagles that appear to be guarding a nest. The eagles seem to be rotating in "shifts" to watch this very large nest. From my perspective, at the moment there doesn’t seem to be any eggs in the nest. However, the camera angles do a fantastic job capturing the eagles, the nest, and the surrounding forest area in Decorah. Some of these images are truly breathtaking.

Decorah, Iowa Bald Eagles

Based on my personal viewing experience, the best time to look at the Decorah bald eagles is in the evening through the overnight hours into the mid-morning. They are pretty active during that time period.

Explore Live Nature Cams is a great resource for live stream videos of animals. The videos include footage of bears, cat rescue facilities, oceans, and various sanctuaries. I particularly love watching the polar bears and the brown bears in Alaska!

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