Spring training baseball is currently underway and most still wonder what the main appeal is. After watching a little bit of the New York Yankees this past weekend, I found a few answers.

Living in the upper Midwest we are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of 50-60 degree weather and for all of this snow to melt. There's just something about watching spring training baseball that gives a person in the cold weather an opportunity to just "soak in the sun" through television.

Granted, I found myself completely jealous that I wasn't in Florida for the game, but just watching it in the comfort of my own home was kind of close.

There isn't as much on TV right now. Sure, NBA, NHL, and CBB are in season but on an early Saturday afternoon there isn't much coverage.

Spring training on MLB Network? Sold.

It's still better than watching a re-run of a show on a different network for the 20th time.

It gives you an opportunity to watch players that the last you heard of them was five years ago. In the MLB we keep hearing about early drafts and players being taken super young, but we don't actually see them for a long while. This at least gives an opportunity to see some.

Oh, and you never know who will pop up... like Russell Wilson.

Need sleep? Spring training can be sleep inducing. It doesn't hurt a fan to pass out during the third inning, miss the next five, and wake up to see the conclusion of the event.

Hey, wins and losses don't count so getting a little sleep never hurts. Nobody would question that.

Lastly, and probably the most appealing, is that there is hope. There is hope for every team out there.

Fans of the Cubs, Marlins, Rockies, Blue Jays, Astros, and White Sox are looking at last place finishes last year hoping for a turnaround this year. Spring training gives the opportunity to see the light (being the sun more than anything) at the end of the tunnel.

I pose the question, if you had to rank the sports in terms of preseason how would you rank them?

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