Do you consider yourself to be a trendy person? Always on top of the latest styles in fashion and beauty.

If you answered yes, you can test that theory out now against the findings from a fashion and beauty survey that was conducted recently by a website called

In their survey, StyleSeat asked 1,000 Americans various questions regarding the fashion and beauty trends Americans love the most right now. They questioned people on 48 specific trends, then used Google to help analyze what local fashion and beauty trends look like in each state. Some of their findings were interesting, to say the least.

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For instance, supposedly the key fashion trends in the country right now are, cargo pants, tie-dye, and matching sets. While the most popular beauty trends in 2022 are center parts, colored eye makeup, and acrylic nails.

Conversely, the least popular fashion and beauty trends going on at the moment happen to be tiny sunglasses, micro handbags, fake dimples, and bleached eyebrows.

Great! Looks like I'll need to stop wearing my tinted John Lennon sunglasses, and quit dying my eyebrows blonde from now on!

High prices on clothing are playing a big factor right now.

Thanks to the high cost of just about EVERYTHING these days, the survey found that more and more Americans are trying various throwback trends given all the different affordable second-hand store options out there on the market.

Second-hand stores are especially popular with Gen Z Americans. According to StyleSeat, younger Americans really groove on function and nostalgia. Gen Z and Millennials absolutely love all the Y2K throwbacks and the styles tied to the 90s and 2000s.

As a matter of fact, a shift back to the 90s and 2000s in both fashion and beauty styles seems to be all the rage right now in most demographics. Hopefully, you held on to your cargo pants and neon-colored clothing.

So what about South Dakotans? What trends in fashion and beauty are we gravitating towards in 2022?

Well, if you believe StyleSeat's findings, perception is reality when it comes to the Rushmore state. If you give the average South Dakotan a pair of shitkickers and some press-on nails they'll be happy.

South Dakota Fashion and Beauty Trends
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When asked, cowboy boots and acrylic nails (okay, granted, acrylic nails are a far cry from press-on nails, but you get the idea) were the top trending things respectively in terms of fashion and beauty in South Dakota.

South Dakota Fashion and Beauty Trends
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While it's true that South Dakota might catch a ton of crap from people outside the state when it comes to our two favorite trends in terms of fashion and beauty, things could always be worse, we could be living in North Dakota! The most popular fashion trend up there right now is Crocs!


Ahh the little differences between South and North Dakota, you gotta love it! I wonder if they're wearing socks with those Crocs?



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